Australia Student Visa is a free service for prospective international students, who want to apply for an Australian Student Visa to study in Australia.

Registered education agents give advice about the Australian student visa application procedures for the following visa subclasses:

  • ELICOS student visa
  • higher education student visa
  • non-award Student Visa
  • postgraduate research student visa
  • school student visa
  • vocational training student visa.

Getting a suitable Australian student visa is not easy.

Often, visa applications are cancelled due to lack of documentation or because the forms are not filled-in properly. 

You will be provided with:

  • Information on the type of an Australia student visa you need.
  • Guidelines to apply for an Australia student visa successfully.
  • Documents needed to be certified for the Australia student visa application form.
  • Tips on international student visa fees, healthcare plans for your stay in Australia and admission procedure to education providers in Australia.
  • Visa eligibility assessments to help you know whether you have the basic requirements to get a Student Visa.
  • Suggestions for English language courses, English tests, foundation courses, and pathway studies to get a suitable Student Visa to further studies in Australia
  • and ... more.

The Australia student visa is a temporary visa - valid for the duration of your course.

If you are not an Australian citizen, but want to take advantage of the Australian education system, you may apply for a Australian student visa.

Most student visa holders will no longer need to apply separately in Australia for permission to work. Read more about the Australia student visa requirements.

You may be entitled to apply for another temporary visa or even permanent residence before your visa expires. Otherwise when you have completed your studies, you will be required to leave Australia.

Do you want to study in Australia? Most student visas for Australia allow you to bring your family members with you.

School Visa Australia

International kids don’t have to depend on their parents’ visas to get educated in Australia. Primary and secondary schooling can be completed in a hassle-free manner through School Sector Visa. [more]

IELTS Australia

The immigration authorities in Australia have started accepting English testing scores from various benchmarking tests – and not only IELTS. This has made influx of international students to the country even more as the entire procedure has become quick and hassle-free. [more]

Post Study Work Visa in Australia

A revised post-study work visa has been formulated which will go into operations from early 2013. As per the new rule, an additional stream would be created for subclass 485 visa where students with higher educational qualifications would be allowed to stay and work for a longer time in Australia. [more]

International Students in Australia

Education is one of the top export generating sectors in Australia that generates more than $19 billion for the country’s exchequer. The government has formulated strategies to invite more foreign students in 2015 as a part of its mission to boost international education in the country. [more]

College in Australia

Once an international student get a Student visa, he or she can pursue secondary and tertiary education in various colleges in Australia. There are work-related courses and academic courses that help these students to bag plum jobs in the country. [more]

Australian High School

It is now easy for a foreign student to visit an Australian high school for a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum limit of 1 year under Student Exchange Program. Such a curriculum allows students to know Australia’s culture and learn something useful in the process. [more]

English School in Australia

International students study English language in English schools to reach a level of proficiency in the language. The learning would enable them to pursue further studies in Australia. [more]


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